Cartier VS Breitling

Two of the world's most recognized watch brands go head-to-head in a battle of the brands.

Cartier VS Breitling: Which is Better?

We hear "What is a better watch Breitling or Cartier?" more often than you think and it can be answered several ways depending on the context of the question." So let's answer all of them, shall we?

We are here to address some key questions that you're probably asking yourself when comparing Cartier VS Breitling. These two luxury brands are both very popular and are often considered when looking for a luxury watch from a well-known Swiss watchmaker. You may be considering a purchase and want to find out what is a better watch Breitling or Cartier.

Both brands produce some really great watches. That being said, in the case of Breitling VS Cartier, let's find out if it's Cartier or Breitling that is the best brand for you.

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Which Brand is Better, Cartier, or Breitling?

There are 16 watch brands that rank in the top 50 Swiss brands. This will give you an idea of just how important watchmaking is in Switzerland as well as how big these brands really are. In terms of recognition, this is how Cartier VS Breitling compare.

Cartier Versus Breitling Comparison

Cartier is the 59th most recognized brand worldwide* with a brand value of 10.6 Billion U.S. dollars. Although that all doesn't come from their magnificent watches. They were first and foremost known for ultra-chic jewelry design. 

Breitling is in position #41 of the same top 50** Swiss brands making Breitling the 15th most recognizable Swiss watch brand in the world. Are they a major brand? Yes! Very major, and for years. People just recall the Cartier brand more.

A typical Cartier timepiece is easy to spot and often can be recognized with its signature Roman numerals on a guilloche dial and often with blue cabochon winding crowns. Is Breitling a good watch? Yes. It’s an excellent wristwatch that's built tougher than many others. In fact, anyone who knows anything at all about watches would know that a Breitling is also a superb watch. However, in terms of how many comments you'll get if you wore each watch, chances are, you will hear "Hey, Nice Cartier!" more often since a higher percentage of people (many of which are not "watch people" per se) will remember the Cartier name compared to Breitling.

Sources: * Forbes (for Cartier watches) ** Interbrand (for Breitling watches)

Breitling VS Cartier Prices

Cartier Prices start at only slightly more than the cheapest Breitling. At the moment, the cheapest new Cartier would be the Cartier Tank Solo Quartz women's watch for the ladies and the Cartier Tank Solo automatic watches which cost about $500 more. They use an automatic caliber and are purely mechanical movements.

Breitling Prices start at less than the price of a Cartier watch. With more affordable watches for men such as the 45mm Colt Skyracer model or the Men's 44mm Colt Quartz model for about $900 more than the women's Colt watches. These Breitling watches are in different categories and use cost-effective battery-powered quartz movements that provide higher accuracy at a lower production cost. Is Breitling considered to be a luxury watch brand? Yes, but they are also outranked by several other more upper market brands.

Breitling or Cartier: Which Holds Value Best?

Do Breitling watches hold their value? There is a direct correlation though between the value of a brand, the recognition of a brand, and the resale value. While there are some watches that have a higher resale value for other reasons such as the rarity or iconic status of a watch; as a general rule, the better the brand the more you'll get back when trying to sell it. This is true with most products, not just watches. 

In terms of the street value of Cartier watches, you really can't paint an answer with a broad brush. However, in terms of the percentage of what you originally paid for a Cartier or Breitling versus what you can sell it for, you will usually get more when reselling your Cartier watches compared to reselling your Breitling watch. It is dare I say a more prestigious brand with a richer history and was historically used by royalty and the social elite.

Now, as to why you'd want to sell a Cartier or Breitling watch? Beats me. However, let's look at common reasons why some people would (or wouldn't) buy a Breitling or a Cartier watch.

Pros & Cons of buying Breitling watches


  • They have a reputation for being very professional watches like the Breitling Navitimer 01 which is designed for aeronauts such as pilots, astronauts, military personnel, search and rescue operations, and more
  • Breitling even has a few smartwatches such as the Exospace B55 watches which are smartwatches designed with special smart features for pilots and aerospace professionals
  • Breitling has a watch with a distress beacon and locator which is great if emergencies arise
  • They are slightly more affordable than Cartiers
  • There are literally thousands of models from which to choose
  • They're unique in the sense that you can choose the exact strap you want on every single watch
  • They have quite a few special edition watches and limited edition watches
  • Breitling has several different rubber strap options available and you can have a rubber strap on any watch of theirs. Whereas for now, Cartier only has a few rubber strap options and as of the day this is written they are found in the Calibre de Cartier Diver series.
  • Breitling also has quartz models that offer more precision and require less maintenance than mechanical watches.
  • Breitling offers a 5-year warranty on their watches compared to Cartier which only offers a 2-year warranty


  • They are a very major watch brand but not as much of a prestigious watch brand as Cartier since, in addition to watches, Cartier also manufactures very high-end jewelry
  • They usually don't hold the same resale value as Cartier watches
  • They don't produce as many super high-priced blingy models as Cartier (if that's what you're looking for)
  • Some believe that Breitling only produces tool watches. While Breitling does position their brand to create watches for professionals, they also happen to be excellent watchmakers and produce many watches that are certified Chronometers, the highest designation given to a Swiss watch. Even their quartz watches are a cut above the rest with their COSC certified Quartz Chronometers; something rare in the industry.

As you can see from the above pros and cons that through its unique product line, Breitling has positioned its brand in the luxury watch market as a manufacturer that produces watches for professionals. Some even have special features tailored to specific situations. They have many high-quality tool watches that are customizable with different types of bands. They are competitively priced.

Pros & Cons of buying Cartier watches


  • They are one of the world's top 100 most recognized brands albeit mainly for their luxury jewelry 
  • They have, in general, a slightly better average resale value than many other luxury watch brands
  • This should not come as a surprise but, Cartier, being a high-end jeweler has many blingy models with diamond bezels, pavé dials (paved with diamonds), precious metals of all sorts such as gold and platinum...if you're into that
  • Many high-complication models such as the "Poinçon de Genève" certified Rotonde de Cartier Grande Complication Skeleton
  • They produce many unique and imaginative pieces such as the Cartier Atromystérieux
  • Cartier also introduced many horological innovations such as the Astroregulateur movement; an alternative to the tourbillon complication.


  • They are usually less affordable than Breitlings
  • You can't choose the exact strap the way you can with Breitling
  • They don't have as many special edition watches and limited edition watches
  • Breitling has several different rubber strap options more than Cartier
  • As of yet, Cartier doesn't offer any smartwatches nor have they hinted at the idea that they ever will
  • They don't offer a 5-year warranty like Breitling watches and instead offer only a 2-year warranty

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Breitling or Cartier. Which hold value best?

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