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  • Longines Heritage Chronograph 1942 Review

    Longines Heritage Chronograph 1942 Review

    Let’s take a close-up look at a classic and elegant Longines watch that takes you back in time.

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  • Chopard Watches Review & FAQ

    Chopard Watches Review & FAQ

    We often get asked all sorts of questions about various famous watch brands. In an effort to help answer these questions, we compiled a list of 18 of the most commonly asked questions.. 

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Watch collectors and enthusiasts are always showing off their knowledge of the various luxury watchmakers they've come to know but not all are created equal. What are good watch brands? Here's a top 10 list for you to discuss.

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What are the different types of extraordinary gold used in the watchmaking industry? Why don’t we see every watchmaker making their own unique shade of gold?

We’ve had many people ask us about buying pre-owned luxury watches over the years. Here are the best tips for buying a pre-owned luxury watch.

Read our eye-opening look at mechanical watches and allow us to explain what the jewels in watches are for and how watchmakers use jewels in the mysterious and centuries-old craft of watchmaking.

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